Hidden Valley Slot

Hidden Valley Slots is an online slot game from Quickspin. You play the part of a treasure hunter searching for lost treasures, using your guidebook to help you on this journey through Shangri-La! The 5 reel machine has 40 paylines at $0.01 each–and can go up as high as 60 dollars per spin with higher rollers enabled.

Tips to Boost Your Payouts

The graphics are so detailed that they will make your mouth water. You can’t turn away from this captivating journey through time and space because of the fantastic soundtracks or G-rated gameplay! Better still, as you play through it on an HTML5-enabled phone/tablet – no more Flash Player is needed for smooth performance, which ensures authenticity in terms of visuals & animations across all screen sizes regardless of what device we’re using (Desktop Laptop Mobile). The switch over was made possible due largely thanks to dedicated software engineers who ensure maximized compatibility without compromising anything regarding quality, thus ensuring maximum fun while exploring the favourite place ever created by Our Creator.

Quickspin’s new video is called Hidden Valley, and it has some cool shots of the place where they make all those incredible arcade games!

How to Set Your Bets at Hidden Valley

Against the backdrop of a Himalayan mountain, you will see snow-capped peaks and glaciers. The 5 reel slot has 40 pay lines that are set against this beautiful scenery making for an unforgettable experience!

The slot’s multiplier wilds feature is much more exciting than most other game types. Not only does it increase your chances of landing that big win, but you can get free spins when three bonus symbols show up!

Tips to Boost Your Payouts

The more bonuses you have, your payout will be higher. Here are some of our favourite features for boosting payouts!

Multiplier Wilds

Players can bet as high or low on their turns depending on how confident they feel about playing that specific hand. The higher your multiplier, the better!

  • Bets up to $0.40 per spin=X1 or X2
  • For bets of at least $0.60 per spin= multiplier ranging from X2 to X4
  • A minimum bet of at least $0.90 per spin=Multiplier between x3 and X6
  • For minimum bets of $1.20 per spin =Multipliers from X4 to X10

The higher your stake, the bigger range of possible multipliers. More so, if you’re willing to risk it all, which would be better suited for high stakes games with large variances in risk factors due to lower staking requirements than higher ones?

Free Spins

The free spins round is triggered when you land 3 scatter symbols on the centre three reels. During this exciting bonus game, a valley gate will appear, and it’s up to your skill as player-adjustable variables such as several rounds or wilds can be won during these spinning moments!

The more bonus symbols you land, the better! Landing an extra wild will award free spins or even higher paying characters.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a symbol that appears before each free spin round. If you land three bonus symbols, then your7 spins are automatically awarded, and if five scattered images appear on screen, they will give 12 more!

When you land an extra wild symbol during the free spin round, it will replace all low-paying symbols. This is perfect for any player who wants to go big or stay home! The value of your multiplier suppliers can help win more coins in this game and make sure that if someone bets on higher multipliers before hitting their bonuses – like 1 407X what they started with-, then those are exactly how many prizes await them after landing such lucky tokens.

Final Word

Hidden Valley slot is a great game for those who love to win big. With 5 reels and 40 pay lines, it offers an RTP of 96%! This means that you have the chance at truly anonymous jackpots as well–you won’t know how much your prize will be before playing since there are no references or other players’ chips involved in adjustment rounds like most casinos do when someone exceeds expectations with their betting strategy (and then they get greedy). But if we’re talking bonuses… they’ve got this thing covered: free spins sound amazing, too, thanks to our awesome wild symbols, which come standard on every reel.